The Blendon Township Community has established the cemetery as a memorial burial ground. The Cemetery is located on the south side of Tyler Street between 48th Avenue and 54th Avenue. It is the desire of the Blendon Community to maintain a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing setting for the cemetery. To accomplish the goals of good order and uniformity Blendon Township has established an ordinance for the proper regulation of the cemetery.

The Blendon Township Cemetery Ordinance details the entire Township law that regulates the operation of the cemetery. A few of the primary rules are printed below and a complete text of the ordinance regulating the cemetery and its operation can be seen on the website under Ordinances or a printed copy of the ordinance can be obtained at the Township offices.

In order to facilitate the proper maintenance of the cemetery grounds and enhance a uniformly aesthetic appearance, please take notice and observe the following rules regarding grave site decoration.

  • All Cemetery Pails must be of green or brown color and have handles.
  • Hanging baskets and hanging flower pots will not be allowed
  • There shall be no headstones, ornaments, vases, plastic flowers, fences, benches, trellises, statutes, signs or any other item placed, kept, installed or maintained in the cemetery except those expressly allowed by this ordinance.
  • There shall be no private signs, lighting, moving displays or changeable copy on a sign placed within the cemetery grounds.
  • Flower pots (non-hanging) may be placed and maintained at the markers or memorials of cemetery plots no earlier than May 1 and must be removed no later than October 1 of each year.

See our Fee Schedule for purchase price, site opening and closing fees, etc.

Grave markers must be placed on a foundation that is supplied by the cemetery Sexton. The Township will bill the company that supplies the marker for the cost of the foundation. Those wishing to mark a grave site are required to order the marker from a monument company and the monument company will then contact the Sexton to prepare the foundation.

Please contact our Sexton, Alan Finnie, for purchase of grave sites , or any additional questions that you may have regarding the Blendon Township Cemetery. (616) 644-1038, or Sexton@BlendonTownship-mi.gov .