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Welcome to Blendon Township


Blendon Township (population 7,081) is seeking a capable honest and forthright, motivated leader with strong abilities in finance and human resources.

Blendon is best known for its welcoming and conservative spirit.   The Township with its quickly growing residential areas need a dedicated leader to assist with the development.    

If you appreciate a rural community with fast growing residential areas. Blendon awaits your interest in leading our proud, Ottawa County community. 

The Board oversees a $1,700,000 annual budget. 

The Blendon Township Board recognizes the importance of education and experience.  However, the elected body is most interested in finding the “right fit”. 

The ideal candidate will bring the following personal characteristics:

  •          Take great pride in being part of the community.
  •          Be an excellent planner and someone who can look ahead and prepare for the future needs, growth, and challenges.
  •          Bring strong interpersonal skills with the proven skills to foster teamwork at all levels.
  •          Embrace our community values of faith, family-friendly, conservative, and highly ethical. 
  •          Be the type of leader that looks to diffuse, rather than escalate those difficult issues. 


To Join the Blendon Township Team, please submit a cover letter, resume and five professional references to Carlton Consulting LLC Applications will be received at  Please indicate in your cover letter whether you are requesting confidentiality as allowed under the Michigan Open Meetings Act. 

Blendon Township is an Equal Opportunity Employer.