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SUMMER TAX DUE DATE: September 14th                                                                 

WINTER TAX DUE DATE: February 14th

The Township's role under the Michigan State property tax law is largely an administrative function. The tax is historically levied on 50% of the value of property and it is the Township's responsibility to determine the value of each parcel of property that is located within its boundaries. The Township performs this task through the "Assessor" who is specially trained to apply various standards of valuation to make a determination of the value of a parcel and to subsequently assign an "assessed value". Click here to continue reading about the property tax details in Blendon Township.

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 Principal Residence Exemption Form

The Blendon Township Field Audit Process

The Michigan State Property Tax Act requires that the stated valuation upon which a property tax millage rate is applied be uniformly fair and equitable. Simply stated, you should not be paying more tax for your parcel than others would be paying with similarly improved parcels. 

As is the case for all tax assessing units of government, Blendon Township is required to keep accurate records of each parcel which clearly demonstrates the current state of its improvement so that each parcel is treated in the fairest and most equitable manner.

The State Tax Commission will audit local units of government to test for compliance with the requirements of the law. During a 14 point review the State Tax Commission will review a sampling of Blendon Township's parcel record cards. If this review process reveals the records of the Township to be out of compliance, the Township may be required to do a more extensive audit and reappraisal of all parcels.

The items of current concern for Blendon Township in regards to compliance issues are listed but not limited to those set out in the points below:

  1. Does the true cash value on the Appraisal Record Card agree with the True cash Value indicated by the Assessed Value on The Assessment Roll?
  2. Did the appraisal record cards properly account for all physical items located on the description?
  3. Is the Township in substantial compliance with the uncapping of taxable values the year following the transfer of ownership?
  4. Does the Assessment Roll for the current year reflect new construction?

If you would like further information regarding the field audit process, see the Frequently Asked Questions page of this web site or feel free to contact the township office.