Tax & Assessing

The Township's role under the Michigan State property tax law is largely an administrative function. The tax is historically levied on 50% of the value of property and it is the Township's responsibility to determine the value of each parcel of property that is located within its boundaries. The Township performs this task through the "Assessor" who is specially trained to apply various standards of valuation to make a determination of the value of a parcel and to subsequently assign an "assessed value". 


Assessing services are provided through a contractual agreement with Ottawa County. Ottawa County Equalization Director Brian Busscher serves as the Township Assessor. Assessing Division Manager Thad Pepper is the primary point of contact and is available at the Township Hall on Tuesday mornings from 8:00am to 12:00pm or by appointment.

The Ottawa County Assessing Division can be reached at 616-846-8262 during customary business hours or via email to

Staff Contact

Thad Pepper
Assessing Division Manager
616.875.7707 x 106 



Land Valuation & Economic Condition Factors

The valuation of land and calculation of economic condition factors are performed annually by the assessor’s office. These rates and factors are integral to quality assessments and are used to adjust assessments to the local market. If you have questions regarding the interpretation or use of this data, please contact the assessor’s office. 

2022 Land/ECF 

Poverty Exemption Information

A person who is unable to pay property taxes by reason of poverty may apply for exemption provided they meet the federal income guidelines and pass the asset test defined in the following resolution. If you meet the defined criteria, please return the application, and required attachments to the assessor’s office. If you have questions on the application, please contact the assessor’s office.

Poverty Resolution

Poverty Application

No Tax Affidavit


Tax & Assessment Records

Principal Residence Exemption Form



SUMMER TAX DUE DATE: September 14th                            WINTER TAX DUE DATE: February 14th